Foto ingresso sede Fisem Srl di Atessa (Ch)

A history of growth and innovation

In 1989 Fisem started business with the production of motorcycle seats as a supplier of Honda Italia Industriale. A few years later, in 1991, Fisem is on the market with the production of tanks by blowing technology.

Later in 1998 seats production and polyurethane production department, move in the Industrial Area of Atessa. The following year obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certifications.

In a period of economic development of the world market and in a policy of continuously growing know-how company, in 2004 Fisem starts a prestigious partnership with the TS TECH Co. Ltd. (Japan), a leader in the design and development of seats for motorcycles.

In 2007 completes the expansion of the plant with the construction of a new warehouse and in 2009, following the acquisition of new technologies and know-how, Fisem starts the new processes of injection molding and plastic welding.

Innovation, flexibility, reliability: a successful mission

Three guidelines of its corporate philosophy: flexibility, to offer the better service to the customer, supporting him from the early stage of the project development; continuous innovation, in processing lines, with the most modern production machines; reliability through continuous staff training, materials selection and support tools & test equipment of a modern metrology room inside.