Soffiaggio materie plastiche in Fisem Srl

Blow Molding since 1991

A great experience in the blow molding industry marks Fisem, that through this technology produces a numerous variety of technical industrial articles in hollow body, as tanks of various types and sizes, jerry cans, air and smoke ducts.
The process of blow molding plastic materials of Fisem, makes use not only of the experience of its technicians, but a complete production line equipped and technologically advanced. Extrusion and blow molding facilities from 5 to 50 liters, co-molded plastic components and metal, finishing processes with automatic workstations, internal cleaning with ionized air, hot plate plastic welding and/or ultrasonic of plastic components and assemblies.
The entire production process is subject to different quality tests, among these: water and air leak testing for pressure drop, non-destructive control of the thicknesses and verification of resistance in torque and pulling the components molded and/or welded.

Production Process Equipments

Blow molding machine from 5 to 50 liters • Hot plate plastic welding machines • Assembly islands and water and air leak testing • Test and acceptance equipments


Motorcycles fuel tank • Automotive expansion tanks • Washer fluid tanks for cars • Tool boxes • Heating and hot water and appliance tanks • Air ducts for car and motorcycle • other technical articles