Molding polyurethane

Over than 25 years of experience in molding polyurethane

Fisem has worked for over 25 years in the molding polyurethane sector, both integral and flexible, acquiring skills and competence worthy of trust of the most prestigious International company from different sector.

Stampaggio poliuretano espanso | Stampaggio poliuretano rigido | Stampaggio poliuretano flessibile

The production process consists in molding by casting with several high-pressure systems, with the possibility of co-molding of plastic and other metal components, in the aesthetic finish of the products, assemblies and packaging.

The entire production line is subject to various tests, such as: Hardness, Hardness ShA and core density.

Production Process Equipments

5 high pressure polyurethane molding machines, of which one with tricomponent molding tank and one with casting plant semiautomatic to 12 stations

Test and acceptance equipments