The processing of plastics: your idea takes shape

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Specialized for 30 years in the processing of plastics, Fisem uses specific technologies to meet the most demanding requirements for production. In this perspective, the product packaged as thought by the customer is presented, along with the whole production process, from the initial stages of the definition and design of the concept, to prototyping, till the industrialization of the finished product.

plastics processing

Integrated planning then becomes fundamental in terms of efficiency: Fisem sums up all the different specific skills that are part of its organization to enable a synergic work in the production of the articles.

Studying the best production process on the basis of one’s own know-how means to understand and taking to mean the customer needs who entrust us with their projects. At Fisem we strive daily for a continuous innovation that involves all the phases and business activities (co-design, technical development, prototyping, toolmaking, purchases/suppliers and production), along with the manufacturing processes of the plastic material, machinery and training of technicians. This, with the common objective of granting our customers articles fully adapted to their specific requirements in terms of quality, safety and economic competitiveness so to prove being a point of reference for companies that are looking for a real and proper partner able to provide customized solutions for simple and complex operations.

The processing of plastics: three bespoke jobs

Moulding techniques used by Fisem for the plastics processing enable to get a variety of custom-made articles intended to all types of industrial sectors:

plastics processing

With blow moulding of plastic material, we produce a variety of hollow body articles, like different types of tanks for cars and motorcycles, but also for other fields, such as that of white appliances.





Injection moulding permits the completion of articles with complex geometry as the components of household appliances, saddle bags, motorcycle cases.

plastics processing




By means of the polyurethane moulding, we produce a wide range of padding with different uses, such as seats, armrests, office chairs, motorcycle accessories.

All of these methods of plastics moulding processing support the creation of a variety of objects of different shapes and dimensions, with different levels of complexity, suggesting multiple solutions to customers.


plastics processingLarge international companies rely on our design and development team which untangles and lead your needs to a common project.

Check out our photo gallery to discover our most prestigious articles made with the processing of plastic materials.


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