Plastic molding

Plastic molding: the processes

What is plastic moulding?

Moulding of plastics is the set of all those technologies that, through the use of a mould, allow the production of components in polymeric material. Over the years and with the development of ever more advanced technologies, the types of moulding have differentiated according to the material to be processed, the shapes to be obtained and the physical characterization that the final product should acquire.


How plastic molding works

Plastic moulding is a standard process that uses a mould made of aluminium or steel or another material, depending on the production process chosen, where heating or cooling channels are present to define the process from the melting of the raw material in the mould to the definition of the geometric complexity of the part.

Why plastic molding

The plastic moulding process has a number of advantages.

It meets customer requirements by offering different application solutions, thanks to the versatility of the raw materials.

It allows the production of large objects with special and complex shapes.

Thanks to its excellent mechanical characteristics, it allows products to have very long life cycles, with economic and environmental advantages.

Finally, all plastic materials are easily recyclable: materials from a second or more lives already exist, and new systems for physical recycling and energy recovery are being developed..