KTM Group rewards Fisem as Best Supplier of quality in 2017

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KTM Group, the world leader in the motorcycle field, is one among the greatest esteemed customers Fisem collaborates with. For the second consecutive year, KTM has acknowledged the quality of the work of the company headquartered in Atessa by conferring the prize “Supplier Quality Award – Best supplier 2017”, a result added to a series of achievements in 2017.

ktm group | fisem

Quality: what does it mean to Fisem

Through this prize, Fisem proudly confirms that its work persists oriented towards quality, core of its entire production process thanks to a corporate philosophy represented by three solid principles:

  • Flexibility: Fisem offers the best service from the early stages of project development by supporting the customer so to achieve a final product result that meets the most demanding quality constraints.
  • Constant innovation: starting from the continuous training of human resources to a favourable environment, to cooperation, to the choice of quality materials, to the use of innovative cutting-edge machines for the production.
  • Reliability: guaranteed by the support of tools and testing equipment and a modern metrology inward room.
    This award confirms that focusing on quality and acting concretely in daily life to accomplish it, stands as a grounded winning strategy both for the company and for the worker and rewards us, the people who work at Fisem, for our commitment and passion employed at work.

ktm group | fisem

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