Honda Industriale s.p.a. rewards Fisem for the Circle of quality

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Fisem started its activity with the production of motorcycle seats for the company Honda Industriale s.p.a.. Fisem, along with its team, is proud to confirm that this year won the first prize of the Circle of Quality 2018. In order to speak about the methodology adopted by Honda, it is necessary to introduce the concept of Circle of quality.

honda industrial | fisem

What a circle of quality is

A circle of quality is a meeting in which groups of workers (blue collars) meet the management (white collars), in order to discuss and propose actions and strategies for improvements, such as:

  • Improvement of management capacity and the leadership of business managers;
  • The creation of a working environment favourable to improvement;
  • Fostering staff collaboration;
  • Best possible management of resources;
  • Updating, innovation and continuous improvement;
  • Result-driven actions;
  • Consistency in objectives;
  • Strengthening the capacity of problem solving, with creative and practical solutions;
  • Development of new ideas.

This methodology is adopted by companies for the resolution of problems or for the improvement of the quality in the workplace.

Honda quality methodology

In the specific case of the Circle of quality, this is a methodology that Honda has adopted for nearly 40 years, to allow the associates to show their skills, contributing to the improvement of quality in all areas. In fact, being part of the national circles NHC (New Honda Circle) provides a subsequent competition at a European level: NHC gathers a team of employees from all business departments studying processes under very precise analysis and assessments diagrams typical of the Honda training, to devise and implement projects, in order to achieve an improvement in terms of costs, timescales and economically advantageous efficiency. The operators of the production department seats of Fisem, ROSARIO PAGLIONE(project manager),PASCARELLA ALBERTO,MATTIA PASQUARELLI,YURI MASSIMINI,ANNARITA D’AGOSTINO are among the operational participants at the Circle of quality 2018.

honda industrial | fisem

With this initiative, Honda has made employees the main characters. These, with determination and commitment, have developed a project that promotes concretely the boosting of the general level of quality business, and the worker’s, in particular.

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