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For a motorcyclist, the pleasure in riding is also determined by the comfort of the seat. To ensure the best comfort, Fisem customizes the process for manufacturing of seat pads from the preliminary designing phase.

manufacturing of motorcycle seats | motorcycle seat pads

Manufacturing process of motorcycle seat pads

The technology laying beneath the manufacturing process of motorcycle seat pads resides in the moulding of flexible polyurethane foam. This technology is the result of the exothermic reaction obtained from the addition of two base elements: polyol and isocyanate. These two substances are mixed in a foaming machine, forming foam, which solidifies once injected into a thermoregulated mould.

manufacturing of motorcycle seats | motorcycle seat pads

Steps in the production process

In addition to the moulding by casting through high pressure systems, there are some steps for the manufacturing of motorcycle seat pads :

  • The possibility of simultaneous moulding of plastic and metal components.
  • Aesthetic finishing of the products.
  • Assembling and packaging.
  • A final but essential step to complete the manufacturing process is represented by testing detection of lift, shore hardness and density and aesthetic controls.

Softness, duration in time and flexibility differentiate the flexible polyurethane foam as a basis of the process of manufacturing of motorcycle seat pads; for the customer these characteristics and the ability Fisem ensures in interpreting the required project represents a guarantee to receive a unique and exclusive final product, developed in accordance with peculiar requests.

manufacturing of motorcycle seats | motorcycle seat pads

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