Plastic expansion tanks for cars

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The expansion tanks are part of the group of plastic components for different uses produced by Fisem, such as heating, through one of its processes of transformation of plastic materials: blow moulding.

Expansion tanks | plastic expansion tanks

What expansion tanks are

The expansion tanks for boilers, for example, are plastic tanks, connected to the heating plant, with a very important function: they need to storage the increase in volume of water, the increase of pressure due to its heating and therefore deliver a more stable and safer system. Another type of container is the boiler (water boiler), which merely heats the water electrically, wherever a traditional heating boiler system is not present.

The manufacturing of plastic expansion tanks: blow moulding process

The technology beneath the manufacturing of plastic expansion tanks is the blow moulding process. This process expects the melting of raw material in a heated cylinder and the consequent creation of a plastic preform (paryson) that is located in a hollow mould; then, compressed air is blown inside so to inflate it, giving the shape of the mould. At the end of the process, the product is cooled and extracted as a finished product. The entire process is exposed to a continuous control, to ensure quality.
Fisem offers quality in the production of technical articles with a hollow body, as the expansion tanks, being the result of a great deal of experience in the blow moulding of plastics, which is possible due to the competence of the constantly updated technicians and to cutting-edge technologies.

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