Industrial upholstery: a dedicated production line

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Due to the experience acquired in almost thirty years in the manufacturing of various types of saddles and seats, and being in the production segment of important international firms, Fisem features a specific production line dedicated to industrial upholstery for the motorcycle industry, automotive, railway or tramway, industrial vehicles, furniture, wellness and fitness.

industrial upholstery | manufacturing of industrial upholstery

The production process of industrial upholstery

The production process of industrial upholstery is composed of several phases:

  • The preliminary phase involves the manufacturing of the coatings using fabric die-cutting machines, the high frequency welding and thermoforming of synthetic leather, the sewing and embroidering.
  • The second phase involves the paddings manufacture, by flexible polyurethane with different density moulding depending on the requested levels of standard and comfort.
  • The third phase comprises the assembling and packaging with automated system.
  • The last phase overlaps with the quality control on every single piece, as a guarantee for the products, according to the customer’s specific requests. Then, tests and preliminary checks on all the materials, semi-finished and finished products are performed, such as: mechanical controls with dynamometers, stress to repeated loads, torsions, vibrations, simulation of rain and humidity.

The company exploits some specific machinery for the production of industrial upholstery, among which machines for fabric die-cutting, CNC cutting bench, sewing machines, an automated system for the thermoforming of synthetic leather, high frequency welders for synthetic leather, an assembly line, inspection and acceptance tests and checking instruments.

industrial upholstery | manufacturing of industrial upholstery

The attention Fisem pays to the industrialisation of a finished product keeps on being rewarded with the collaboration of important international companies who acknowledge its efficiency.

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