The moulding of plastic material

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The moulding process is an industrial method within the network of technologies exploited by Fisem, a company specialised in the processing of plastics and in the production of components for the motorcycle and automotive sectors, railways, thermohydraulic segment, furniture and household appliances.

moulding of plastic materials | plastic material processing

The process of moulding plastics

The moulding process for plastic material manufacturing operated by the company considers the use of a preform, called mould; in particular, the transformation of plastic occurs through specific presses (generally hydraulic presses), which produce static pressure on the material, with the purpose of filling the cavity between the two metallic matrices, upon which the material solidifies and becomes a finished product. The whole moulding process undergoes a regularly controlled check to ensure consistency and quality standards to the customer. This technology has an impressive flexibility in design and therefore allows the creation of a variety of items of different shapes and sizes, with different levels of complexity, offering multiple solutions to specific customer requirements.

Company’s techniques for moulding plastics

This company exploits different techniques of moulding for plastic processing.

  • Injection moulding process, in which the material is melted and injected at high pressure in a coupled mould, where it solidifies, creating the finished product.
  • Moulding of polyurethane, process where the polyol and isocyanate, two base elements, trig an exothermic reaction; these elements are mixed in a foaming machine, where they combine reacting and producing a foam, which solidifies once injected into a thermoregulated mould.
  • Blow moulding, process in which compressed air is blown inside a preform located in a mould, so that plastic material can acquire the shape given by the walls of the mould, coining the finished products.

moulding of plastic materials | plastic material processing

The characteristics of this moulding plastics processing together with the experience gained so far have endorsed Fisem as a leader in the engineering and manufacturing production of industrial technical components.

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